DH Press 2.6 Now Available

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DH Press, the Digital Humanities platform built as a plugin for WordPress, continues to evolve in the UNC Digital Innovation Lab under software developer Michael Newton.

The changes in 2.6 are improvements and enhancements to the existing visualizations and data types, and simplifications to the operation of the platform. For example, the map visualization has been completely rewritten to make it easier and more powerful to use. Namely:

  • Base maps are now built into DH Press (no need to import a map file).
  • Overlap maps have been simplified and fully support Tiling Map Server standards.
  • Maps support the clustering of markers (you can turn clustering on or off for each map). See the image below for an example.
  • Markers can be shown on map views as points, lines or polygons.


DH Press has been made more compatible with arbitrary WordPress themes by taking over the generation of webpages when a Project is viewed (DH Press no longer creates a frame within a post page). This also means that visualizations always occupy the full browser window.

Other enhancements include:

  • Deleting a Project automatically deletes all associated Markers.
  • Deleting a Project automatically deletes all associated Legends (WordPress taxonomies).

The code for version 2.6 can now be downloaded from GitHub at this link.

The use of 2.6 is documented in the Administrator’s Manual at this link.