DH Press 2.5 Award Nomination

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2014 was a very busy year in the Digital Innovation Lab, not least where DH Press, our flagship Digital Humanities platform, is concerned. During the year it went from essentially a GIS map viewer to a full-fledged data visualization system that displays galleries of images, timelines, facet browsers, tree graphs, and more. We also added YouTube videos to the content types supported by DH Press (which can be synchronized with time-stamped transcripts).

We launched several new DH projects using the DH Press platform, upgraded some old data sets to use the new features, and began the creation of new, ambitious projects targeting the evolving capabilities of our tools (see set of Digital Innovation Lab projects on this webpage).

DH Press has been acknowledged for its contributions to scholarly endeavors with a nomination for the annual 2014 Digital Humanities Awards competition.

If you would like to reward us for the hard work we’ve invested to create an open-source Digital Humanities platform that anyone can download and use free of charge to power their research and exhibits, please vote for us on this webpage!