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The Digital Innovation Lab has been attracting a lot of attention lately.

Check out the latest news stories about us.


Richard Marciano’s CI-BER project mentioned in a White House “Big Data” announcement and fact sheet. Read the press release here.

“The CI-BER project is led by principal investigator, Dr. Richard Marciano, professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s School of Information and Library Science. It aims to further the understanding of infrastructure that scales and provides insights into the management of “big data” in general. Researchers associated with the project look at ultra-high scale collections and visual analytics techniques in order to enhance the value of government records that can lead to generalizable infrastructure and technology.”

Lach harnesses humanities riches with technology’s power. University Gazette (February 7, 2012).

“Her role with the lab is critical as the person who ‘translates’ between scholars and technologists,” Allen said. “The reason she is able to do that so well is because she has inhabited and understands both worlds.”

Explore Durham’s History from Your Classroom. NC Civic Education Consortium News (February 8, 2012).

The Digital Innovation Lab teamed up with the NC Civic Education Consortium to develop 8th grade social studies lesson plans for three Durham-based “Main Street, Carolina” projects.


Finding ‘big ideas’ in digital humanities. University Gazette (January 24, 2012) recounts the founding of the Digital Innovation Lab.

“At Carolina, that process of thinking differently is at the heart of the Digital Innovation Lab that the College of Arts and Sciences founded last July. Its co-founders, Robert Allen and Richard Marciano, describe the lab as a project-focused hub for collaborative, interdisciplinary experimentation in the use of digital technologies to advance the work of the University in the humanities and humanistic social sciences.”


Changing the research landscape through ‘big data’. University Gazette (January 24, 2012) highlights Richard Marciano’ Digging Into Data project.

“Marciano said the Digging Into Data award adds to a growing portfolio of projects developed through Carolina’s Digital Innovation Lab, which aims to encourage collaborative, interdisciplinary and innovative digital humanities projects.”


Faculty Research: Digital Innovation Lab, SILS Newsletter (Spring 2012) focuses on Richard Marciano’s role in co-founding and co-directing the Lab (see page 8).