Digital Humanities Practicum

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The Digital Innovation Lab offers a Graduate Practicum in Digital Humanities (AMST 850) for students interested in gaining hands-on experience in digital humanities.

The practicum blends traditional graduate seminar discussions with hands-on training and experience in the digital humanities. Students will work alongside DH practitioners in the DIL, contributing to real-life projects that emphasize trans-domain, collaborative work. DIL projects share a commitment to engaged scholarship, representing partnerships with local communities. The practicum gives students the opportunity to pursue a set of professional development goals for themselves. Students will emerge from this practicum with a deeper understanding of digital humanities approaches, practices and issues, all of which will have be applied to their own project-based work and training.

Enrollment is open to MA and PHD students at UNC and to graduate students at Duke and NCSU (via interinstitutional registration). Disciplinary diversity is valued. There are no prerequisites for enrollment. Enrollment for this course is limited and is by permission of instructor. AMST 850 is offered every Fall and Spring semester; students may enroll in the course up to two times.

The practicum may be counted towards fulfilling the Graduate Certificate in Digital Humanities.