DH Press goes Global

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DH Press, the UNC Digital Innovation Lab’s flagship Digital Humanities platform, has just been updated to facilitate the translation of all end-user text into new languages. The new language-agnostic version of DH Press (complete since version 2.6.7) is now available on the DIL’s GitHub page.

In summary, the work of translation has been facilitated by removing end-user text from code files and quarantining it in script files. The result of translating DH Press into a new language will be a new plugin that operates entirely in that target language for the end user.

Translation is thus a fairly straightforward process for someone with a knowledge of HTML, English, and the target language. Details about this process are given in the DH Press Project Administrator manual.

An example of a DH Press translation into Scottish Gaelic, with a very small sample database, is available for demonstration purposes on this website.

NOTE: The DH Press Dashboard, used for creating and configuring Projects, has not yet been modified to support translation. Also, due to the limitations of WordPress, special characters (encoded in UTF-8), such as accented vowels, cannot yet be used for the names of Motes and Legends.