CFP: Digital Humanities Curricular Development Grants

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The Carolina Digital Humanities Initiative (CDHI) is soliciting proposals for digital humanities course development grants to support a new graduate certificate in digital humanities (CDH) and to further the mission of teaching through and about digital developments in humanities courses at UNC. Current funds are geared toward graduate courses that support the CDH, but applicants are encouraged to develop course at mixed, graduate/undergraduate levels as well.

Grants may be used for developing full courses focused on some aspect of the digital humanities or for integrating digital humanities approaches and materials into a course–e.g., as a unit or module. Funds are available for the development of new courses or for revising existing courses. Applicants may apply for up to $6,000 funding. Awards will typically consist of a stipend ($5,000 for full course development, $2,500 for integrating a unit or module). Note that stipends are subject to reductions related to university benefits, taxes, etc. Applicants may request up to an additional $1,000 for professional development pertaining to developing the course. Applicants should include a budget detailing how any requested professional development funds will be used (e.g., for specific workshops or training).

CDHI Curricular grants might be used to:

  • Develop or revise any course focused on activities or topics associated with the digital humanities
  • Extend the reach of digital humanities course offerings beyond campus to non-degree seeking students–e.g., through hybrid or online options or through summer school
  • Explore and implement pedagogical innovation in a course through digital affordances
  • Implement digital activities to facilitate team teaching and/or interdisciplinary exchange
  • Integrate experiential work with digital materials and activities into a course
  • Develop course that explore multiple modalities of digital activities–e.g., the visual, aural, video, performance.
  • Engage the transformative potentials for digital humanities–political, social, cultural, scholarly.


All tenure track and fixed term faculty at the University who are eligible to teach graduate level courses may apply.


Award recipients commit to

  •  Create a new or revising an existing course that can be taken for graduate credit
  • Consult with the CDHI Curriculum Committee and Director regarding the development of the course
  • Work as advisors (as appropriate) with course participants pursuing the graduate certificate in digital humanities.
  • Deliver a report to the CDHI Curriculum Committee detailing the course development activities, the disbursement of funds, and the outcomes of the grant-supported efforts during the grant cycle.
  • Obtain Chair’s approval, and agree to offer the course at least three times in the five years following the receipt of the funds, starting with the 2014-15 academic year.


Submit a current cv and proposal of no more than two pages to Stephanie Barnwell ( with a copy sent to ( no later than 11:59 PM on December 6th.

For questions related to the proposal process, contact Daniel Anderson (