DH Press Beta Pilot Projects Launch

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We have been field testing DH Press Beta (even as we were finishing it) in Robert Allen’s AMST 840: Digital Humanities/Digital American Studies (Spring 2013). Twelve graduate students from a range of disciplines (Education, Geography, History, Library/Information Sciences, Religious Studies) worked on five projects with external clients.

I am pleased to share with you their completed projects. Some of these are proof of concepts, and several are still in development. We will be testing the Honors Study Abroad in Rome this summer with about 25 students led by Professor Lucia Binotti, so stay tuned to see how that project works in the field.

We’ll be developing additional pilot projects in the coming months for implementation in the next academic year. And our primary pilot project, “Mapping the Long Women’s Movement” should be online early this summer.

To see our newest pilot projects, visit our Project Showcase.