Rebranding diPH

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In my last project update, I mentioned that we were rethinking the name “diPH” on the eve of the beta 1.0 release of our digital humanities toolkit. After some helpful feedback and many internal discussions about what the name of the toolkit ought to invoke, we’ve come up with “DH Press.” This plays off of the WordPress brand, similar to other tools out there like BuddyPress and CommentPress. On top of that, we hope that DH Press is suggestive of the ease with which you can create digital projects using our toolkit – just a “press” of the button and you’re on your way to publishing an online digital humanities project! Jade is working on some different logo concepts that will help us visualize and communicate the tool’s purpose and ease of use.

We’ll continue developing this concept as we gear up for our big launch. Look for that announcement … coming very soon.