Marciano on Socializing ‘Big Data’

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DIL Co-Director Richard Marciano gave a talk at Duke on January 15: “Socializing ‘Big Data’: Collaborative Opportunities in Computer Science, the Social Sciences, and the Humanities.”

Harnessing the “data deluge” is promoting new conversations between disciplines.  Prof. Marciano and his collaborators have been pursuing research in a number of areas including: big cultural data, access to big heterogeneous data, records in the cloud, federated grid/cloud storage, visual interfaces to large collections, policy-based frameworks to automate content management, and distributed cyberinfrastructure to enable data sharing.  But more importantly, innovative technical approaches require the convergence of creative insights across computer science, the social sciences, and the humanities.  This talk touched on these topics and highlighted a new collaboration with partners at Duke.

The talk was co-sponsored by the Franklin Humanities Institute and Social Science Research Institute.