diPH Pre-Launch Feedback Requested

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As the date for the Beta 1.0 release of our digital public humanities toolkit, diPH (pronounced “diff”), approaches, we’ve begun thinking about whether this might be the ideal time to start thinking about branding, or to be more specific, re-branding. We’ve never been 100% thrilled with the name, as diPH can be confusing to pronounce. More importantly, we don’t think it communicates effectively the toolkit’s full potential, both now and what it might evolve into in the coming years.

Now that we’re seriously rethinking how we want to present and package the tool, we could use your feedback. Not only are we interested in a catchier name, we’re also deeply interested in how our potential users think about and imagine the tool. Of course, we’re planning to do more formal user testing in the coming months, but this survey (also embedded below) will help us get a sense of how we’re doing.

So let us know what you think! All ideas are welcome, whether you have an idea for a new name or a future feature or function (check out this overview if you’re not sure what diPH Beta 1.0 will be able to do).

As always, contact me if you have any questions or thoughts, and thanks for your help!